The Man Whose Hair Grew Black

Production by:
Gurnwah Productions

The Man Whose Hair Grew Black

After over a 1000 (well, okay 100 ish) sell out shows to millions (ok, thousands) one of the most creative, prolific and downright hilarious production groups from Wales, Gurnwah Productions go out on their first World Tour with their new hysterical show, ”The Man Whose Hair Grew Black”.

Several days after Clive the Postman’s appearance sent shockwaves through a small village, a bus load of insanity turned up wearing Jesus sandals, dark shades and in search of answers!!! …this is the (almost) truthful tale of the Man Whose Hair Grew Black…

Described by many as the Goons meets the Young Ones while drinking in the same pub as Father Ted, this laugh out loud show we have you rolling in the aisles and rushing home to tell your friends and family and pets

“You will laugh long and hard and feel gloriously guilty about doing so! Absolutely Brilliant”

Paul Forde, Head of BBC Comedy Wales.

Tickets: £10.00