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At the Dylan Thomas Theatre, we not only show our own Swansea Little Theatre productions, but all other outside productions and events that take place at the theatre. If your production or event is missing, please contact info@dylanthomastheatre.org.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are not posted out, they will be available for collection at the theatreThe theatre will be open one hour before the show.

Gwyr II: Vision of Times

Saturday 22nd December 2018 14:00

'The place to come close to nature... the place to discover... to find yourself.'

Gwyr II: Vision of Times is an award-winning 12-minute documentary celebrating Gower's outstanding natural beauty and Welsh culture.

It is a collaborative not-for-profit project supported by Swansea University, Media Suite Creative Consortium and a team of several talented, passionate volunteers.

The cinematic documentary aims to present the harmonious blend and integration of Welsh culture over time, an outlook of how local culture was shaped by natural phenomena, climatic conditions, geology, flora and other environmental factors. It follows the personal journey of eight characters portraying their unique relationships with Gower.

Enjoy breathtaking cinematography of local residential and castle architecture, beaches, coastal topography, tidal events and habitats. Most importantly, it shows how local residents and visitors interact with Gower.

Everyone is welcome to attend and watch this unique project.



Saturday 15th December 2018 14:30, Saturday 15th December 2018 19:30,

Legally Blonde JR. follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. When Elle's high school boyfriend, Warner, dumps her and heads to Harvard, claiming she's not "serious" enough, Elle takes matters into her own hands, crafting a showy song-and-dance personal essay and charming her way into law school. Befriending classmate, Emmett, and spunky hairdresser, Paulette, along the way, Elle finds that boo...

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Wednesday 20th February 2019 19:30, Thursday 21st February 2019 19:30, Friday 22nd February 2019 19:30, Saturday 23rd February 2019 19:30,

A sharply observed tragi-comedy from the renowned Alan Ayckbourn.

Susan is a housewife who, in reality, is neglected by her husband, Gerald, patronised by her sister-in-law, and estranged from her son. In her own imaginary world, by contrast, she is happy, successful, and loved by her perfect family. We meet Andy, her perfect husband - handsome, devoted, master cook,  - her beautiful and close daughter and a delightful younger brother. 

There is great comedy and ...

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Wednesday 27th February 2019 19:30, Thursday 28th February 2019 19:30, Friday 01st March 2019 19:30, Saturday 02nd March 2019 14:30, Saturday 02nd March 2019 19:30,

Richard Burton had at one time been lauded as the heir apparent to Olivier but in the eyes of many he squandered his rare talent in pursuit of fame, celebrity, privilege, wild living..women...and drink.   Dylan Thomas had similarly been a bright, early talent who gathered around him ardent fans, but in the eyes of many squandered his rare talent in pursuit of fame, celebrity, privilege, wild living...women...and drink.

This world premiere presentation is inspired by actual...

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Wednesday 06th March 2019 19:00,

Spend the evening watching fabulous flowers being arranged on a grand scale!

Andrew Lloyd is a professional florist and a well-known member of the national flower-arranging community.

The event is being hosted by Swansea's own Floral Arrangement Society but is open to anyone who loves flowers and would like to see a professional create stunning floral displays onstage.

Wednesday 6 MARCH 2019, 7.00PM

Tickets £12.00 from...

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Saturday 09th March 2019 19:30,

A musical theatre themed concert from Blue Bee Productions in conjunction with The Hive Theatre School.

Features all the best songs from the musicals you love.

TICKETS: £10 from 07414 823347 or on-line at ticketsource.co.uk/blue-bee productions


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Wednesday 10th April 2019 19:30, Thursday 11th April 2019 19:30, Friday 12th April 2019 19:30, Saturday 13th April 2019 19:30,

A beautifuuly crafted comedy from Nikolai Gogol which, according to D. S. Mirsky,  "is not only supreme in character and dialogue – it is one of the few Russian plays constructed with unerring art from beginning to end''.
The corrupt officials of a small Russian town, headed by the Mayor, react with terror to the news that an incognito inspector will soon be arriving to investigate them. The flurry of activity to cover up their considerable misdeeds is interrupt...

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Thursday 09th May 2019 19:30,

Returning to the Dylan after an amazing sell-out last year.

An evening of mediumship with renowned spiritualist medium, Alun Havard.

Tickets £10.00 through The Dylan Thomas Theatre Theatre on 01792 473238.


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