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At the Dylan Thomas Theatre, we not only show our own Swansea Little Theatre productions, but all other outside productions and events that take place at the theatre. If your production or event is missing, please contact info@dylanthomastheatre.org.uk.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are not posted out, they will be available for collection at the theatreThe theatre will be open one hour before the show.


Sunday 11th November 2018 14:00, Sunday 11th November 2018 17:00,

A young boy dreams of escaping the humdrum reality of his life in Swansea.  Around him, WW1 rages and he signs up for the excitement he believes the war will bring.

Produced to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1, the renowned company, TNN (Theatr Na n'Og) mixes the harshness and brutality of war with moments of magic, incorporating the words of WW1 poets, amongst others with beguiling Welsh folk music, to tell the tale of family, love and loss.

A must see...

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Wednesday 31st October 2018 19:30, Thursday 01st November 2018 19:30, Friday 02nd November 2018 19:30, Saturday 03rd November 2018 19:30,

To commemorate the centenary of WW1, the theatre is delighed to present this renowned play.  Devised as a theatre workshop production under the leadership of Joan Littlewood, it catches the hypocrisy, vanity, passion, bitterness and sheer horror of WW1 and is regarded as a magnificent piece of theatrical history - a cult hit, in fact.

It does not fall into the usual 'musical' genre, being a piece of pacifist propaganda - with songs!

Richard Attenborough made h...

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Wednesday 05th December 2018 19:30, Thursday 06th December 2018 19:30, Friday 07th December 2018 19:30, Saturday 08th December 2018 19:30, Saturday 08th December 2018 14:30,

A classic tale from C S Lewis that has been loved by so many people for so many years.

You will be transported to Narnia and meet Aslan, Tumnus the faun, the Beavers and the four Pevensie children who help the Narnians fight the evil Witch, who has frozen Narnia into permanent winter for over 100 years.

Part of the Chronicles of Narnia, this magical fantasy will thrill adults and children alike.

Please note there is a matinee on Saturday 8 December at 2.30pm


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